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A Symbol of Quality Since 1974

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Acme Wood Preserving is a family owned business that was founded in August of 1974. Stoner Parsons (Founder of AWP) had worked in the wood treating business for over 15 years, when he decided that he wanted to start his own company. So he did!

He leased about 2-3 acres of land in an area just off Rogers Street in Princeton, WV that was known as “Stumpy Bottom” by the local community. This was the beginning of Acme Wood Preserving, Inc. In the beginning AWP creosote treated crossties for the railroad industry. After several years of treating with creosote, the company expanded the business by adding another cylinder, and began treating with CCA. This helped to open a whole new market, targeting an additional product line for the agricultural industry, farm fence posts. Eventually, the property where the Plant is located was purchased and the business slowly grew with numerous improvements, expansions and additions.

In 1998, it became apparent that the property was not going to keep up with the growing needs of the company. Additional land was purchased about 3 miles away from the treating plant. The focus on this new property was to create a fabrication shop and grading facility. This would free up the original property so it could truly be a treating facility.

The new property includes a double trim-saw system for grading, trimming and sorting timbers as they are brought in from the area saw mills. It also includes a fabrication shop with equipment needed to create special timbers for our customers. But more than anything, it would allow AWP to produce special materials in a more timely and efficient manner.

As AWP continued to grow, so did the demand. In 2008, an additional creosote cylinder was added at the treating facility. Now, Acme could compete for projects that required larger quantities of material, in a quicker time frame.

AWP currently has three autoclaves for treating timbers. Two of the cylinders are for Creosote Pressure Treated Material and the third is for CCA.

Acme Wood Preserving, Inc. has come a long way since 1974 and looks forward to growing in the future as new opportunities arise.