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Acme Wood Preserving, Inc. (AWP) is a certified treating plant located in Princeton, West Virginia. Princeton is located at the interchange of I-77 and US 460 allowing easy access to major trucking routes. We have been pressure treating wood products for a wide variety of customers up and down the eastern seaboard and abroad since 1974, with Creosote and Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). These are the two most successful preservatives used today to protect wood from decay, insect infestation and rot, in order to lengthen the life span of timber products.

AWP takes pride in the high standards and quality products it produces. It is imperative that our company remains up to speed and current with the standards set forth by the industry and government organizations overseeing treating companies like ours. In addition, keeping our products and facilities environmentally friendly is one of the highest objectives of our company.

Our years of service has allowed us to establish a loyal and diverse customer base. We have successfully been supplying Creosote and CCA Treated material to the railroad industry, the agricultural industry, various departments of highways, the military and various governmental agencies, small and large corporations; and even to individuals who have a special timber or post need.

Regardless of the size of the job or project, you can be assured that you will always receive the best possible QSP from Acme Wood Preserving, Inc.! This simple acronym is what the company’s mission statement is centered around and has led to many years of success.

Q - Quality Products

S - Fast, Friendly & Dependable Service

P - Fair & Competitive Prices

Acme Wood Preserving, Inc. is a proud affiliate with the following organizations: